DraftKings Crowns What They Are & How To Use Them

Check off Achievements all season long and get rewarded. The more milestones you hit within each specific Achievement, the more rewards you’ll earn. Reach all the milestones to join an exclusive club of players that have completed the Achievement.

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  • So, for a competition with a $1 entry fee, you would need about 550 crowns.
  • All of these can be bought with crowns if you manage to save up enough.
  • Another big perk of Dynasty Rewards is that after you move up a level you’ll accrue Crowns at a faster pace.
  • There are a couple of game types that are completely exempt from earning Crowns.
  • At Gold, the bonus will be more appealing, perhaps a 100% match up to $250.

The only slight advantage to Free Credits is that DraftKings will “count down” how many credits players have remaining, making it easy for them to know when they’ve cleared the bonus. These cashback rates aren’t exactly mind-blowing, but at least they’re on par with most retail casino slot clubs. Not to mention, DraftKings offers significantly better returns on video poker, blackjack, and slots compared to brick & mortar facilities. Once you reach a new tier, you will maintain your status for the remainder of the current calendar year, and for the entire next calendar year, at a minimum.

What Are You Able To Do With Crowns On DraftKings?

Also, note that a few “select” slots earn Crowns at a lower rate compared to regular slots. Some online slots return as much as 98-99%, which is exceptional (for a slot). Unfortunately, DraftKings is acutely aware of these slots and has lowered their Crown earn rates. There are a couple of game types that are completely exempt from earning Crowns. The other is sports betting favorites listed at or shorter odds (i.e. -1500, -2000, -3000).

  • Discounts range from just a few percent all the way up to 80%.
  • A surge in new players stemming from the start of the NFL season, coupled with its proven ability to turn new customers into loyal long-term users, augurs well for its future growth prospects.
  • Essentially, your own crowns value depends on how much you play and how often you log in.
  • For example, a common Mission is to enter X amount of lineups and receive a prize.
  • Missions reset every 24 hours at midnight and award players for completing tasks.

Crowns replaced the old FPP system and were later extended to other DraftKings gaming verticals, including casino gaming and sports. Imagine a dedicated fantasy sports fan, John, who had been saving up his Crowns for months. Finally, he decided to redeem them for a VIP experience at a major sporting event. Thanks to his accumulated Crowns, he got to meet his favorite athletes, enjoy premium seating, and even receive autographed merchandise. John’s story highlights the real-life benefits of utilizing DraftKings Crowns to enhance your sports entertainment. So, to start earning crowns, just log in and get playing.

By earning Crowns in various games and events, you can get access to exclusive prizes, higher status levels and exciting experiences. Crowns are earned over forex day trading time; essentially, they’re like points on a loyalty card. For every dollar you spend on real money contests and competitions, you’ll earn one crown.

Crowns also give you access to exclusive content, discounted merchandise, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Imagine attending live sporting events or meeting your favorite athletes – all made possible with Crowns. Every dollar you spend on entering paid contests earns you 1 Crown (minimum $1 entry).

In addition, Diamond tier members can negotiate bonuses with their hosts, and are often invited to sporting events and premium dinners, among other in-person experiences. The new program still uses DK Crowns as its basis, but players now have even more ways to earn and redeem the virtual currency. Tier Credits are earned in exactly the same way as Crowns. Players accrue them by wagering on casino games, placing sports bets, entering DFS contests, and making purchases in the Marketplace. DraftKings and rival FanDuel are by far the biggest U.S. mobile sports betting operators. The company reported positive adjusted earnings in its latest quarter during which revenues soared 88% while marketing costs only grew 5%.

Players who exchange their Crowns for DK Dollars do not have that simple luxury. Instead, they’ll have to keep track of their wagers manually. The most exclusive Achievements can be found under the Reignmaker Achievements tab.

How to earn your rewards

DraftKings has a great merchandise shop with all sorts of brilliant items you can redeem your crowns for. Otherwise, you can also use them to enter specific time lost trader contests and competitions. Loyalty program cutbacks were common following the COVID-19 pandemic, with land-based casinos slashing player benefits.

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There will be an option there to pay with crowns in the same place where you have the option to use your ordinary funds to play. Entering contests is a great way to build up your winnings, so let’s look at that now. There are a few different things you can use your crowns on, and any one of these ways is how you redeem them.

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In short, players earn Crowns for (nearly) everything they do on DraftKings. Whether it’s participating in daily fantasy contests, placing sports wagers, playing slots, or buying NFTs, players receive Crowns. For instance, a New Jersey player is going to have more earning and redemption options than someone in a state where DraftKings only offers daily fantasy sports. That’s because DraftKings offers sports betting, daily fantasy, and online casino gambling in New Jersey but only DFS in some other states. To no surprise, players who achieve higher loyalty tiers receive more exclusive benefits.

The daily rewards themselves are often crowns as well, although not always. Your daily rewards will increase in value as your player status gets higher. The DraftKings Rewards program provides significantly more value to customers than the VIP programs most other online sportsbooks, casinos, and fantasy sites offer. The DraftKings Rewards program is multi-faceted, easy to understand, and offers valuable rewards. Whether it’s DK Dollars that reduce the house advantage through free play, high-end electronics, or international travel packages players value the most, DraftKings Rewards has them covered.

The more Crowns you earn during the calendar year, the higher you’ll climb up the loyalty program’s five tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx), unlocking new perks along the way. Pure-play growth stocks have run into a brick wall in the second half of 2023. The global economy how to trade litecoin is showing clear signs of a slowdown, inflation has been sticky all year long, and interest rates are expected to remain elevated for a prolonged period. Founded in 1993, The Motley Fool is a financial services company dedicated to making the world smarter, happier, and richer.

While the Dynasty Store offers a truly amazing collection of goods and amenities, we wanted to know if it’s a good use of your Crowns. On top of this, the DraftKings Dynasty Store has a dedicated travel portal, similar to those available to premium credit card holders. Instead of redeeming points for travel packages, you redeem Crowns. DraftKings Crowns are a virtual currency that acts as the foundation of Dynasty Rewards.

For instance, there are packages to the Emmy Awards, Disneyland, the Adare Manon golf destination, as well as Amalfi Coast cooking experiences, and a family ski experience at the Alps. In short, it’s hard to justify a reason to ever redeem Crowns for free credits. However, free credits are far more restrictive than DK Dollars, in that they can only be used on one game that you select from a list of available options. For instance, if you redeem 5500 Crowns for $10 in DraftKings Roulette free credits, your credits can only be used on that game. Once your DK Dollar balance is wagered, any winnings immediately convert to cash and can be withdrawn, via a withdrawal method of your choice. There are several ways to spend your hard-earned Crowns.

In contrast, most online-only VIP programs reset a player’s tier status every month or two. For instance, if players exchange their Crowns for 20 DK Dollars, their bonus will convert to withdrawable cash once they have placed $20 in total wagers. It doesn’t matter what games they wager on or how they allocate their bets. Boosts are based on the total number of Crowns earned the previous calendar month, and are awarded in one chunk on the 1st. For instance, if a player earned 50,000 Crowns during the month of April and holds Diamond status, he would receive 15,000 bonus Crowns on May 1st. Nothing special, but in fairness, some online gaming sites don’t let you redeem rewards until you reach the second loyalty tier.

These challenging tasks pay out massive rewards of up to 100,000 Crowns. Read on to learn more about how Dynasty Rewards and DK Crowns work along with some tips on how to maximize rewards. Likewise, there’s no indication that DK Dollars expire either. However, casino bonus funds are subject to stringent expiration dates. The Onyx tier is the apex of Dynasty Rewards, and the rewards reflect your accomplishment.